Panel: Art & Healing

The creation of The Materiality of Impermanence is about embracing change.  It is also about sharing my story with others.  The creative process has inspired me to sort through the enormous life changes that diagnosis has wrought, and to express that which I cannot find words for.  This, I know, is the power of art.  It has transformed the way in which I deal with disease, and I see clearly that it has been essential to my healing process.

On March 24th, 2012, five local breast cancer survivors participated on the panel “Art and Healing”, along with a licensed psychotherapist and a moderator. These courageous women shared their story and inspired us, as survivors, to transform our experience by nurturing our creative selves, and being active participants in our own healing.

Panelists were:

Genae Girard

Six year survivor; author of Off the Rack-Chronicles of a Thirty-Something, Single, Breast Cancer Survivor; founder of Beyond the Boobie Trap, an online community for breast cancer veterans; entrepreneur; patient advocate; painter.

Kalila B. Homann, MA, LPC, ADTR

Psychotherapist; advanced level dance movement therapist; expressive arts programming developer.

Ruth Pennebaker

Sixteen year survivor; author of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough; blogger.

Dianne Sonnenberg

Fourteen month survivor; internationally recognized mosaic artist.

Barbara Jo Stetzelberger, LCSW, BC-DMT

Panel moderator; psychotherapist and board certified dance movement therapist.

Kelli Sureck

Nineteen months survivor; board member of Cancer Support Community Central Texas; educator; social worker; school counselor.

Photo by Todd V. Wolfson


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