Ia Ensterä

Scenic Design

Originally from Finland, Ia is an award-winning scenic and costume designer whose work over the past 18 years has spanned both stage and screen. She is Resident Production Designer for Pollyanna Theatre Company, with whom she has been for the past 10 years (including such shows as Tempest, Just Bee, Pattern Nation series, and Ducks vs. Squirrels: Battle For The Park). She has also worked with Breaking String Theatre (Flying, Uncle Vanya, Ghosts), Naughty Austin Productions (Psycho Beach Party, When Pigs Fly, and Pageant), HBMG (The Love Sonatas-a collection of five plays), Faster Than The Speed Of Light at the Salvage Vanguard, and some 70+ other productions. Some of her film work can be seen in “The Two Bobs’, ‘The King’, ‘Idiocracy’, ‘The Ringer”, ‘Man From Orlando’, and “The Association”. Her commercial projects have included World Wildlife Fund, Maidenform, and HEB. Ia also fills her workdays as an interior designer for retail and hospitality, and as a storyboard artist and illustrator for films, publishing companies, and clothing manufacturers. Ia has been nominated for several B. Iden Payne Awards, and has been the lucky recipient of five of them. She is always on the hunt for the next project.

Stephen Pruitt

Lighting Design

Stephen Pruitt is a former aerospace engineer from Huntington, WV who turned to the arts and has called Austin his home for a decade and a half now despite its complete lack of mountains, snow, or whitewater.  Stephen has made do, happily, working primarily as a lighting and scenic designer, and collaborating with some of Austin’s most exciting artists including Trouble Puppet Theater (Frankenstein, The Jungle), Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance (Murmur, Hear. Me. Now.), and St Edward’s University (Macbeth, bobrauschenbergamerica, Death and the King’s Horseman, and Metamorphoses). He is a designer and company member with the Rude Mechanicals, most recently creating the lighting and video engineering for I’ve Never Been So Happy, and the resident production designer for Forklift and Tapestry Dance Companies. Stephen is the only designer in Austin to be nominated or multiple Critics’ Table and B. Iden Payne awards in both the Lighting and Scenic Design categories. When outside of the theater, Stephen can usually be found on a kayak, traveling, or taking photographs.  Much of his work can be seen at his website

Jamie Rhodes

Costume Design

Jamie designed costumes for The Glory of Living at Hyde Park Theater, Port Arthur and You’re No One’s Something Special for Subterranean Theater Company, and Small Town Girl and Windblown written by Kimmie Rhodes and directed by Joe Sears.  She frequently designs in collaboration with Sharon Marroquín.  A board member for Salvage Vanguard Theater, Jamie performed in their Over the Garden Wall workshop written by Ruth Margraff, and the site-specific project In This House (Everything is You).  Other performances include the Kimmie Rhodes/Joe Sears projects, Small Town Girl, Windblown, and Hillbilly Heaven.  She has taught cooking classes at Central Market and creates stained glass windows. Her favorite creation is her son Louie, who inspires her to “live life like nobody’s business.”

Todd V. Wolfson

Photography and Video Design

street human raw real emotional evocative      soulful funny sexy sad beautiful inside      intuitive spontaneous unplanned magical   evolving colourful healing engaging     portraits of the human through my                                                                                                       interpretation    lifelong editorial and fine art photo lover/creator    passionate director    simple and complicated    reactor excited like it was the first day.    or the last.    life through my crazy eyes.

Jessi Clayton

Assistant Videographer & Video Art Design

Born and raised in the Youngstown area of Eastern Ohio, Jessi Clayton began creating art while still a small child.  An identical twin, she has often struggled with her own identity, seeking solace and therapy in artistic expression.  At a young age her mother introduced her to early twentieth century surrealists such as Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali, allowing her to realize that her vision and imagination could be appreciated.  A graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, Clayton moved to Austin, Texas on New Year’s Eve 2009, where she works on private commissions and preparing new collections.


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