Choreographer Profile

Sharon Marroquín has been listed several times as one of the top ten dance events of the year by the Austin Chronicle, and is a three-time winner of the Austin Critics Table Award for Outstanding Choreographer.  Born and raised in Mexico City, Sharon has performed with many companies in Austin, TX.  She has created pieces for Big Range Austin Dance Festival, Forklift Danceworks, Ballet East, and Dance Carousel. Sharon teaches dance at Tapestry Dance Company, and is a bilingual elementary school teacher.

The following are selected quotes from arts critics:

“… the immediacy of her performance drew us deeply into the dance, making this 90-minute expedition into one person’s catastrophic illness an intimate journey for all.” The Austin Chronicle, March 2012

“…her supreme musicality and sinuous control, place her in a level above the rest.  She is a treasure.” The Austin Chronicle. December 2009

“…each passage of her arms and hands through the air is its own poem, its individual act of grace.” The Austin Chronicle. September 2009

“Marroquín’s movements…gave us the world and showed us how even as individuals we can make a difference in it.” The Austin Chronicle.  December 2008

“…Marroquín has an unusual grace and depth of expression as a dancer, the emotion seemingly flowing from her fingertips…” Austin360 Blogs. June 2008


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