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Photo by Lynn Lane

The  Materiality of Impermanence received two awards from the Austin Arts Critics’ Table:  Best Dance Concert and Best Dancer. Talented Ia Ensterä also received an award for Best Scenic Design for her work on several projects, including The Materiality of Impermanence.  Congratulations to all!



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The 2011-2012 Austin Critics’ Table announced SEVEN nominations for The Materiality of Impermanence!  They are: Best Dance Concert, Choreographer, Dancer, Ensemble, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, and Video Design. To see all the arts nominations, click HERE. Awards will be announced on June 4th.  Congratulations to all!

Dancer: Elizabeth Rose. Photo: Lynn Lane

Bow & Flowers

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The culmination of many months of hard work, tears, laughter, and determination. Accolades to all.  WE DID IT!

Sand from Ia

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Words from Ia, scenic designer, three days before opening night:

“Grains of sand to mark the many touched by this terrible disease.
The hourglass, and passing of time.
In dreams, a change of attitude or a shift in perspective.
The proverbial line in the sand.
 …and don’t get me started on Zen gardens…!”

Set Design by Ia Enstera

Bubbly Rehearsal

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Sparkly white wine before our run-through yesterday.  Orange juice for vitamin C and energy. A broom to sweep up the shaved hair. Lighting designer taking notes. Dancers rocking the house. Do NOT miss this show.  7 days to opening night!

Lisa del Rosario, Sheila Cruz, Elizabeth Kalash, Emily Pry, Bonnie Cox, Ciara Walsh,Sharon Marroquin, and Angie Johnson

Balance & Joy

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The vision I had, so many months ago, has now been manifested.  My spirit has been given voice and power through the dancers’ minds and bodies. And as they move about the dance studio, draped in music, the unknown becomes the known.

That which was invisible has been orchestrated and brought forth. Perfect balance, simplicity, and joy has been achieved.

Celebrate with us on March 23-25, 2012!

Four Weeks & Loose Ends

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We are exactly four weeks away from opening night, and time flows differently now.  The days cascade into one another as dances are polished, videos completed, costumes defined, programs drafted, and volunteers recruited. Loose ends come closer together, and as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.

Get your tickets at http://www.thelongcenter.org

Dancers: Angie Johnson, Sheila Cruz, Lisa del Rosario, and Emily Pry