“…a triumph of life and art.”  The Austin Chronicle

 “That was so amazing and inspiring. I felt the love and strength through it all. Thank you for showing me that my journey is merely a new path.”  Cecilia, cancer survivor


“Absolutely breathtaking! I had chills the moment the show began.  I have never been more moved during any dance performance.  Brilliant choreography and dancing!”  Samantha


“Beautiful choreography..all the right elements: pain, joy, humor, isolation, sisterhood.”  Stage IV breast cancer survivor


“This was the most amazing, vibrant, and powerful thing I’ve seen in a very long time…While watching, I was struck with the feeling that spaces like this, your stage, are where God lives.” Anonymous


“Awe. Wonder. Beauty. Hope. Strength. Empowerment. Grace. Ass-kicking. Sets gorgeous. Music amazing”  Anonymous


“A wonderful celebration of being a woman, of passion for life, and of human connectedness.”  Amanda


“Shows all the raw feeling with honesty and integrity.  A beautiful release!”   Ruth, cancer survivor.